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Our Work

Our Previous Work Across Domestic & Commercial Projects

Projects Include

  • The Warden, Canary Wharf (residential fit-out)
  • Embassy Gardens (Commercial project)
  • Kings Cross St Pancras refurbishment
  • MJN Wembley Stadium
  • Over 3000 solar installations on 5 different sites country-wide
  • Over 2000 external and internal plumbing installations on 6 different sites country-wide
  • RDP development work and training
  • Kwikot heat pump reseller
  • Sun Scan Solar Panels resellers
  • General maintenance, Geyser replacement team and commercial & domestic COC’s
  • Pipe Boss have established themselves as a leading installation company and pride themselves with an attitude of ‘there is always a solution’ that has been fortunate enough see us cover a broad spectrum of installation capacities.
  • Pipe Boss offers a wide range of competitively priced heat pumps to suit any hot water requirement, from domestic to industrial.